PUR задгай хайлуулагчийн ажлын шинж чанар


Хоорондын хамгийн том ялгааPUR задгай хайлуулагч and the ordinary hot melt glue machine is that the entire hot melt application process is completely isolated from the air, while the ordinary hot melt glue machine melts the hot melt glue from bottom to top, and the PUR задгай хайлуулагч is Melting the PUR hot melt adhesive from top to bottom, one of the core components of the PUR задгай хайлуулагч  is the hot melt adhesive pressure plate heating element.

Ажлын онцлогPUR задгай хайлуулагч is closely related to the characteristics of PUR hot melt adhesive. PUR hot melt adhesive is also called reactive polyurethane hot melt adhesive, also called moisture hardening reactive polyurethane hot melt adhesive. PUR hot melt adhesives will react and solidify if they are in contact with water vapor in the air during use. Therefore, PUR hot melt adhesives cannot be produced with ordinary hot melt adhesive machines. Professional PUR задгай хайлуулагч  must be used to ensure complete contact with air during use. Isolated.