Маскийн чихний бөглөө материалыг тодорхойл


Дараах нарийвчилсан тайлбар нь маскны чихний материалыг тодорхойлох арга юм

Маскийн чихний бөглөө материалыг тодорхойл. Туршлагатай хүмүүс маскын ээмэгний материалыг, маскын нийт өргөн ба зузааныг ойлгох болночихэвч, etc., as soon as they touch the maskчихэвч. However, as a novice who has just stepped into the field of entrance shieldчихэвч, it is obvious that it depends on the accumulation of work experience to achieve that level. The ways to distinguish theчихэвч of the mask include: touching (the feel of theчихэвч of the mask), observing its color, burning, etc.


Touch method, cotton mask ear straps, polyester mask ear straps made of cotton, feel soft, smooth, bright in color, smooth, and light in material; mask ear straps made of polypropylene cloth (PP) feel astringent and hard. Smooth, poor smoothness; polyester mask ears have a dull tone, but have good washing fastness and a heavier proportion; polyester staple silk (also known as polyester civilian silk, alias polyester) polyester civilian silk maskчихэвч feel Similar to cotton material, it feels soft.


Combustion method: Use fire to ignite it, observe the burning flame, smell the smell after burning, look at the burned waste, and then distinguish the material of the maskчихэвч.